Book In Advance for No Touch Check-In

Make a reservation online and advance – even if you are in the parking lot! Our system will take your reservation, payment, and allow you to sign the waiver right on your phone or computer. 

When you arrive, our host will greet you from at least 6 feet away and take you to the training and harnessing area. 

All Climbers are Required To: 

  • Wear closed-toe shoes, no exceptions. 
  • Sign a liability waiver prior to your arrival. Click here for a waiver. 
  • Watch the safety video. 
  • Wear and use safety harnesses and equipment at all times. 
  • Read and understand all instructions. 
  • Understand and accept the risks involved. 
  • Obey instructions given by park monitors. 
  • Minors must have supervision while at the park and must adhere to the Age Guidelines for Trail Challenge Levels below. 

Age Guidelines for Trail Challenge Levels

The North Shore Adventure Park offers ropes courses with 6 different levels of ability, starting with Adventure Playground. Children under 14 may require ‘Supervision” or to go “With Adult.”

If you can’t accompany children on the course, consider hiring one of our Climbing Guides! Our guides are also perfect for adults that one-on-one support from an experienced climber who is on the course with them

7-9SupervisedWith AdultN/AN/AN/A
10-11SupervisedSupervisedWith AdultN/AN/A
12-13SupervisedSupervisedSupervisedWith AdultN/A

“Supervised”: an adult (18+) guiding children (1–10 children) from the park ground.
“With Adult”: an adult (18+) must accompany children on trails—maximum of 2 children per adult.

Additional Safety and Park Rules

  • An individual’s weight limit cannot exceed 265 lbs.
  • Participants may not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Carry out all items that you bring into the park, including trash. 
  • No smoking is allowed in the park. 

The management reserves the right to ask anyone in breach of these rules to leave the Adventure Park. During extreme weather conditions, you may be asked to evacuate the park.