Hire a Guide

Adventure Park Guides

The Adventure Park on the North Shore is the perfect place for self-discovery, confidence building and pushing beyond personal boundaries.  While we encourage all of our climbers to take those challenges individually, there are times when having an experienced and supportive climber in the Trees with you truly helps.  That is where an Adventure Park Guide can add to your experience.

Hiring a Guide

  • Guides are familiar with all trails. Since our trails are designed for “self-discovery, guides are there to provide some added “Aerial” supervision and assistance when needed.  For some individuals, it is just more fun to climb with another person.
  • Guides can provide an added level of supervision for children on trails that only require adult supervision from the ground.
  • Guides can accompany an adult (or group of adults) that would feel more comfortable climbing with someone more familiar with the course.
  • Guides can provide access to trails that are rated “with adult” for that age category if there are no guardians in the trails with your child.

What trails can be used with a guide?

Climbing in the Park with a guide may increase your experience as it opens the possibilities to “pushing yourself” beyond what you think you can do.  Please see the General FAQ for more information on what courses are open to which age groups and what kind of supervision is required.

Are reservations needed for a guide?

Reservations for guides are highly recommended. If you would like to hire a guide for you or your guests, please contact us 2 weeks in advance. Guide reservations require payments in advance. Guides can be requested onsite, but the number of guides available is limited.